11 Easy Savoury Recipes For Diwali

A collection of 11 Diwali snack recipes that are sure to light up your Diwali Party! These recipes are easy and most of them can be made ahead so that you can spend more time with your guests than in the kitchen.

Happy Diwali !!!!!!!!!!!

1. Varki Donut

Varki Donut Mathri is a delicious deep fried savoury snack made from layers of dough shape into donut and fried to crispy and golden pink colour. You can make this mathri all year round but this is specially made during Diwali festival. It is also called Laccha Mathri or Nimki.

2. Sev Recipe

Sev is a noodle type crispy snack made from gram flour. It is particularly used in many Indian food and snack preparations as main ingredient or garnishing agent. It can be prepared at home very easily.

3. Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi samosa is one of the all-time favourite snacks from north India. It is a real pleasure eating samosas over chit-chat with your family and friends with some nice home made coriander and mint chutney and tea or coffee.

4. Papdi Chaat

Agree or not, Papri Chaat, Sev Puri, Chaat Bhel Puri or any other Chaat recipes for that matter is incomplete without them! Papdi resembles small pooris or wheat flour/purpose flour roundels. 

5. Matar Ki Kachori

Matar Kachori – Crisp Flaky Stuffed Green Peas Snack. Matar Kachori (Peas kachori) is delicious North Indian snack of crispy and flaky deep fried pastry stuffed with tangy, spicy green peas filling.

6. Namakpare :

The BEST, crispy, crunchy Namak Para! These namak para are made during Diwali, Holi or Karwa chauth festivals.

7. Tikona Mathri :

Nimki recipe is also very popularly known as tikona nimki or parti Mathri in Northern Region of India. Parat wali mathri which states the layers involved in it.  You can serve it along any type of pickle you like or with tea. Indeed, you can simply serve this masala mathri with the adrak wali chai. The best thing about this nimki recipe or Mathri is that, these lip smacking munchies can be made and preserved for a long time in a container.

8. Soft & Spongy Dahi Bhalle :

Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla are fried lentil dumplings, topped with curd, variety of chutney and spices. … Learn to make super soft Punjabi Dahi Vada at home .

9. Mathri :

My mom used to make the most khasta and kurkuri mathri at this time of the year. Her secret to khasta mathri was the moen/ moyen (oil) in the dough and that what decides how flaky mathri will turn out to be. The trick – pour warm oil/ghee in the center, gradually work on the flour till mixture is crumbly. Use fingertips to rub oil evenly into flour. Now, take some mixture in your fist, squeeze it tight. If it binds well and forms a shape then the dough is ready to work on. But if the dough crumbles and falls off your fingers than it needs more oil. Add enough water to form a dough.

10. Masala Peanuts :

Home Made Spicy peanuts are all time favourite.

11. Green Jali Samosa :

Different variation of punjabi samosa with spinach in dough giving natural gren colour.

“May the Festival of Lights, Full Your Life with the Glow of Happiness and the Sparkle of Joy.”

Happy Diwali

Cooking with lots of love and straight from the heart.

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